Friday, February 25, 2011

On the Bus

This morning, I hopped on to my semi-regular #10 bus, and realized that the driver was new and being trained. My first thought was, "Great. A blizzard and training...I'm never getting to work." But I did! With only a minor amount of murderous rage. During this whole conversation I felt like I was being Punk'd.

Me: Excuse me, ma'am. Do you think the bus is going to be on time?

Trainer: On time for what?

Me: For...the...scheduled arrival?

Trainer: Why?

Me: Beeee...cause...I have to make a connection?

Trainer: What time is the scheduled arrival?

Me: *brain explodes*

(To be fair, after I explained the situation, the trainer loosened up quite a bit and even offered to call the shuttle driver and ask her to wait for a moment. So the customer service was ultimately very good. It was only completely obtuse in the beginning. :|)

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