Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talkin Bout 'V'

V's a favorite in my house. This is from a conversation about last week's episode, which I think I slept through.

Him: Erica is getting in the way of Tyler being involved with the V, so Anna is planning to...

Me: She's, like, redoubling her efforts to win over Tyler?

Him: Right. She's planning to just kill Erica so that he's left without any family and has to join them. And more than that, they're establishing now how Tyler is really at the root of all of this, how he's the lynch pin* in the whole V plan. He's the keystone.

Me...when you first said, "lynch pin," I thought you said, "lunch bin."

Him: That doesn't make sense.

Me: But it's cuter.

Him: It is totally cute.

*After I wrote this, I doubted my spelling of the term lynch pin, so I Wiki'd it and apparently the more commonly accepted spelling is, "linchpin." That just doesn't feel right to me. I dunno. Also lunch bin is the new lobster. As in, "He's her lunch bin."

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