Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Car Might Be Smarter Than You.

Overheard on the bus. Guys pointing and laughing at Smart Car:

Guy 1: Man, see that tiny little car?! It looks like a shoe.

Guy 2: Why would you even want a car like that?

Guy 1: I dunno, man, give me a Hummer any day.

Guy 2: Forget that. I’ll take one of them Benz SUVs.

Guy 1: Yeahhhh. Tinted windows, nice rims.

Guy 2: That’s what I’m talking about!

Guy 1: But all we got is the bus, man.

(moment of silent commiseration)

Guy 2: That shoe car’s looking damn good right now.

Guy 1: No shit.


  1. LOL! Well at least they mentioned 2 out of 5 cars that we sell here at Keeler.

  2. A little free advertising never hurts...even if it is on the bus. ;)