Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chicken & Waffles & Stolen Thunder

I.H.O.P is allegedly now selling chicken and waffles, according to a commercial we saw tonight:

Him: Did you see that? That pisses me off.

Me: What? Chicken and waffles?

Him: No, the fact that there's that guy on America's Next Great Restaurant whose idea is the chicken and waffle place? The promos have been on for a month. They had to have seen it!

Me: Ohhhhh, yeah, that's awful! He's so passionate about it.

Him: Yeah, and they never would have done chicken and waffles if they hadn't been "inspired" by him.

Me: It's absolutely uncool.

Him: If there was an I.H.O.P. around here, and we went to it, I would totally stop going. In protest.

Me: If you think about it, though, you've already been boycotting them, all this time.

Him: I was sticking to my principles...before I even knew I had them.

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